Our Vision

Why we exist...

Our Vision

To give every sales person access to qualifications and ongoing professional development, bringing sales into parity with other professions.

Our Mission

The APS are the government backed professional body for the sales sector. The APS mission is bringing sales into parity with other chartered professions.

Our work is facilitating a professional career path in sales for the first time. It is under pinned by recognised OFQUAL regulated qualifications, official professional membership, lettered accreditation’s and industry wide sales standards. All the key areas you would expect in a recognised profession..


The Association of Professional Sales was built out of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), led by a group of like minded sales leaders with a vision of bringing sales into parity with other professions.

The APS has now become the leading professional body for sales in the world. With professional membership, internationally recognised qualifications and a world leading continuous professional development platform (CPD Platform), we provide services to some of the biggest organisations on the planet.

The APS has already helped to change the landscape in terms of what it is to be a professional sales person. We have helped create the first government levy funded sales apprenticeship and the first All Party Parliamentary Group for Sales.

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